Catalina Vista Residents Gather at Tahoe Park in April 2016 for Annual Picnic


What’s New in the ‘Hood?

Click on the link to your right to read the full November newsletter and discover what is happening around Catalina Vista. Here are the contents:

Page 1: CVNA Neighborhood meeting information. Historic Ramada. UA Mirror Lab Tour for Catalina Vista.

Page 2: Banner/University Hospital Construction. Casa Seton Construction.

Page 3: New Catalina Vista Signs to Mitigate Traffic. There is Still Time to In-clude your Family Name at Tahoe Park Ramada

Page 4: Grant Road Central Segments Coalition Matures.

Page 5: Road Resurfacing on Tucson Boulevard. Tucson Residents for Responsive Government. Get to know your City Council Member.

Pages 6/7: About the helicopters

Page 8: The Yard Restaurant at Grant/Tucson Boulevard. Join Catalina Vista Neighborhood Association.

Page 9: Tucson Audubon Society Habitat at Home Program.

Page 10: Adopt a Catalina Vista Island.

Page 11: CVNA Board Members. Frida Kahlo exhibit information.

Catalina Vista Fall 2016 Newsletter

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Catalina Vista Summer 2016 Newsletter

Catalina Vista November 2016 Newsletter

Summer Crime Surge

Catalina Vista experienced a surge in car and house break-ins over the summer. One neighbor was success-ful in installing a tall gate at the en-try to the alley behind his house. Neighborhood Watch groups have been forming. For further informa-tion about Neighborhood Watch groups contact Dan Schnoll at deschnoll1124@yahoo.com

The board members of
Catalina Vista Neighborhood Association
Wish you
A peaceful and prosperous new year!

Grant Road Widening – Impact on Catalina Vista

Catalina Vista residents are beginning to gear up to participate in the planning of that section of the Grant Road widening corridor that impacts our neighborhood.  (Chiefly the South side of Grant Road between Campbell and Tucson Boulevard.)  If you want to get involved contact Alison at 881-0917.  Meantime, read about it in the neighborhood’s Spring 2016 Newsletter.


Mark Your Calendar

Catalina Vista Annual Meeting

Monday, November 28 7:00 pm

Arizona Inn

Check November CVNA Newsletter for Details

Red Tag Update

On August 9 Mayor and Council discussed unruly gatherings in neighborhoods and red tag solutions. They adopted the use of Neighborhood Preservation Zone (NPZ) as a way to protect neighborhoods. This includes neighborhoods like Catalina Vista that have historic designation. If a second infraction is reported to the police within 180 days of red tag issuance property owners can be cited for code viola-tions. If you see a red tag like this posted on a house in the neighborhood, you know what’s going on.

Helicopters Flying to Banner/University Hospital

In the Fall 2016 Catalina Vista Newsletter readers will find a great deal of information about the helicopters and the issue at hand. There is a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the hospital and Jefferson Park neighborhood that now includes Catalina Vista and other surrounding University neighborhoods. The MOU is available in this Website under the section entitled CVNA Resources.


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