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Historic Catalina Vista neighborhood is conveniently nestled in Tucson’s mid-town area, close to The University of Arizona’s Health Sciences campus and University-Banner hospital.  Neighborhood boundaries are located south of Grant Road and north of Elm Street between Campbell Avenue and Tucson Boulevard.  Walkability to a variety of restaurants on nearby Campbell Avenue, and  on the Grant Road/Tucson Boulevard area contributes to the neighborhood’s popularity and desirability.  Neighborhood friendship is promoted and enhanced through an annual picnic at the neighborhood Tahoe Park where children play daily and people gather under a gorgeous antique roof tile ramada for shade and conversation. 

Officially platted in 1940, this 170-acre neighborhood was once part of the Kramer Ranch, home of Tucson’s first rodeo. Its design was influenced by the “City Beautiful” movement and incorporates landscaped medians, traffic roundabouts, and a small neighborhood park. Many of the homes reflect the modern Ranch style, with broad front faces, low-pitched roofs, and attached garages. The subdivision today continues to reflect the unique character outlined in early advertisements which described it as, “…scientifically planned to conform to the Tucson of tomorrow… with curvilinear streets that eliminated …monotonous straight street lines… and …no two-story houses to obstruct the mountain view.”  (Note: there is one two-story structure home on Juanita Street which escaped  our notice when its former owner added a rooftop structure that violates the CCRs.)  To that end, an active neighborhood association protects the interests of the residents and monitors compliance with our active CCRs (Restrictions, Conditions, Covenants, and Reservations) found in the Neighborhood Resources section of this website.  The neighborhood association board meets monthly, except during summer months, on the fourth Mondays at 7:00 pm at the Arizona Inn.  Meetings are open to all who wish to attend.   (Note: Some meeting dates are modified depending on national and religious holidays.)

If you drive around the neighborhood, you’ll see displayed in front of Catalina Vista’s homes,  a variety of colorful, hand-made ceramic plaques created by a neighborhood artist. The plaques represent many of the historic homes and the year of their historic designation.  Some non-historic designated homes also display the plaques on which address numbers are noted.  The plaques reflect home owner pride in belonging to the neighborhood.  More information about the plaques is available in the neighborhood resources section of this website.

Membership in the neighborhood association is $20.00 per year with dues payable each year covering January 1 – December 30.  (See website section entitled,  “Become A Member” for a membership details.)


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