Historic Catalina Vista Neighborhood

Catalina Vista, named because of the gorgeous views of the purple tinted Catalina Mountains seen from the area, is an historic neighborhood located in the heart of Tucson in the vicinity of the Arizona Inn, Tucson’s oldest and only five star hotel and resort.   The historic significance of Catalina Vista neighborhood is based on its being the first planned neighborhood in the City.  Tucson’s former polo field and original rodeo ground that were located across from the Inn were used as landmarks in the creation of our neighborhood.  In November 1940 the Hardy-Stonecypher Realty began advertising Catalina Vista lots for sale as” scientifically planned to conform with the Tucson of tomorrow.”   The advertisements highlighted the owners’ plans to sacrifice generous space for ornamental thoroughfares, wide streets, elimination of “monotonous straight street lines,” and “no two-story houses to obstruct the mountain view.”  Today’s Catalina Vista indeed boasts wide, palm tree-lined major streets,  a beautiful park, a small circular park, a numerous small islands filled with varieties of cacti and other desert loving plants.  In addition to its scenic homes, the neighborhood is also recognizable by dozens of tall Aleppo pine trees, and desert wildlife such as jackrabbits and Gamble’s quail.  Coyotes and javelina (wild pigs) are also sometimes seen crossing our neighborhood streets, and new homeowners are cautioned to keep their pets enclosed!

The neighborhood is carved out between Tucson Boulevard on the East and Campbell Avenue on the West, North of Elm Street and South of Grant Road.  It is conveniently situated diagonally across from the University of Arizona’s Health Sciences Center campus which includes the Colleges of Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, and Public Health. The neighborhood tends to serve as a magnet for university faculty and staff home owners who wish to live close to their work, and to the many campus cultural and educational offerings made available to the public.

Also located at the Health Sciences Center (HSC) campus is a hub station for Tucson’s brand new modern streetcar system, “Sun Link”, designed to connect this campus to the University’s main campus, 4th Avenue shopping and entertainment districts, Downtown Tucson, the Tucson Convention Center, the extensive multi-storey apartment systems available for University of Arizona students, and the Mercado District under development west of Interstate 10.  Sun Link is expected to be open for use by all Tucson residents and visitors by July 2014. The HSC hub station is an easy bike ride or walk from Catalina Vista.

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The Catalina Theater

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Painting of the Arizona Inn, by Donna Helms. The Inn was founded in 1930 by Isabella Greenway King, Arizona’s first Congresswoman, and is located just south of Catalina Vista neighborhood.

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